7 Days in Entebbe – Disgusting Palestinian Propaganda

Israel’s 1976 raid on the Entebbe, Uganda airport is one of the most daring, heroic, and successful rescue missions ever. And the trailer for the movie, “7 Days in Entebbe” (Rated PG-13)–in theaters today–pretends to agree with that assessment. But it’s a bait-and-switch, a cruel tease by a poisonous snake. The movie is actually a disgusting, boring exercise in bulls–t to the nth degree, and nothing more than anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian propaganda. This flick is simply a flat-out lie. Don’t support this tripe by going to see it.

A couple of years ago on this site, on its 40th anniversary, I wrote about the amazing Entebbe operation, known as “Operation Thunderbolt.” I wrote about the terrific American and Israeli movies (both for the silver screen and television) made about it, all of which were great. And I said that Hollywood would never ever make a movie like that again, or that if it did, the terrorists would be the good guys and Israel and the Jews, the bad. And I feared that with this, I was right. Well, sadly, I was right.

I had mixed feelings about screening this movie. The trailers made it look promising, but I know that Hollywood hates Israel and is filled with self-hating Jews, who are actually Jews in name only. I also saw that it featured left-wing Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi, who never relinquishes the opportunity to defame Israel and the Jews. And I worried my prediction would come true on the silver screen. Worried because many Americans are too dimwitted to get that what is onscreen isn’t necessarily a true depiction of history. In fact, with this movie (as with many others), it’s the exact opposite of history.

I invited a friend of mine, an Israeli, to see the movie with me. The man was formerly high up in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and was in the unit that carried out the daring Entebbe raid. He knew many of the real people involved in the raid, and his ex-father-in-law was the late Moshe Dayan, Israel’s greatest and most legendary general. My Israeli friend was sickened by this movie. As was I.

7 Days in Entebbe is supposed to portray the Summer 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight from Israel, which is forced to go to Entebbe, Uganda, where the passengers are held hostage at the airport and the hijackers demand the release of Islamic terrorists in Israeli jails. The hijackers were from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group and the Marxist Baader Meinhof Gang of German terrorists. Uganda was at the time ruled by banana republic dictator Idi Amin (“Idi Amin Dada!”), a Muslim madman and mass murderer. Israel’s unparalleled Air Force masterfully flew into Entebbe, very close to the ground, used a Mercedes Benz limo made to look Amin’s limo, shot up the terrorists, and rescued almost all of the passengers held hostage. This was after the terrorists separated the Jews from everyone else and released the non-Jews to freedom.

This movie makes the Islamic terrorists and their counterparts from the Baader Meinhof Gang into humanitarians who want to be nice to the Jews. The Baader Meinhof terrorists are riddled with guilt about the Holocaust and don’t want to discriminate against Jews . . . which is exactly why they helped hijack a plane from Israel, right? I was especially repulsed when the movie portrays a woman waking up sick in the middle of the night, thinking she is back in Auschwitz. She has numbers inked onto her arm, and the sympathetic German terrorist comforts and takes care of her. Awww. This never happened. In real life, a male Holocaust survivor was yelled at and threatened after he showed his numbers on his arm to the German hijacker. Also in real life, the Jewish woman who woke up sick in the middle of the night, Dora Bloch, was taken “to the hospital” by the Ugandans and murdered by Idi Amin. When her dead body was finally discovered on a plantation, her face was so badly burned that she could not be identified and her corpse had a leg ulcer. None of this is depicted in the movie. Not even close. Nobody was ever comforted by the Baader Meinhof terrorists, who had no guilt whatsoever, or they wouldn’t have been involved in this in the first place.

The Palestinian Muslim terrorists are also “nice guys.” They feel for the Jews over the Holocaust. They let the children play in the parking lot of the Entebbe airport and lecture the German terrorists that they need to be nice to the Jews. The ridiculous script gives the Palestinian terrorists long filibustering monologues about how their children were murdered by Israelis and how the Jews, victimized by Nazis, are “now the Nazis” themselves against the Palestinians and have stolen their land. Reality Check: none of the Palestinian hijackers actually had children, let alone children who were “murdered” by the Jews or Israel. Yes, it’s all the same typical fraudulent grievances these murderous scumbags have been whining about for years, none of it true. But the filmmakers here give it credence as if it is the gospel and offer no opposing viewpoint or facts.

You’ve heard of grievance theater? Well, this is Palestinian grievance theater theater.

As a “counterpoint,” the scenes of Israelis are stupid and absolute bunk. There are constant scenes of an Israeli soldier’s girlfriend and her modern dance troupe dressed in tuxedos, performing to a Jewish religious song, which translates into “Who Knows One?” Yup, that’s the “Jewish response” to “the Nazi Jews stole our land and murdered our children.” Talk about one-sided and heavy-handed.

But wait, there’s more. Yitzchak Rabin–then the Israeli Prime Minister (played by Ashkenazi)–is shown as unsure and in limbo about whether or not to rescue the hostages. He’s also shown as a guy who is, instead of worrying about a military rescue at this moment of crisis, demanding that Israel make peace with the Palestinians. WTF?! That never happened. Rabin was a decisive, brilliant Israeli former general, who was determined to get the hostages out of there alive. There was no equivocating, no uncertainty, and none of the inappropriate insistence on negotiating for peace with Palestinians for the long term, during this very harrowing crisis for Israel. There was none of the guilt-wracked self-flagellation that is depicted in this crummy movie.

The fictional attempt to pretend there was hesitation and hand-wringing on Rabin’s part is similar to the portrayal of Israeli then-Prime-Minister Golda Meir in “Munich” (read my review) as being unsure about whether or not to go after the Munich Olympic terrorists. Never happened. But Hollywood wants you to think so, because they love the “weak Jew” trope, which fits in better with their liberalism than what actually happened: determined, armed Israelis, who had the moral high ground, visited justice upon murderous Islamic terrorists and rescued their people from other Islamic terrorists holding them hostage in a foreign airport. Whatever is going on in Israel now, one thing is for sure, the Israeli leaders of the ’70s–Rabin and Meir included–were universally tough and driven to show that to the world (peace through strength always works).

And then there is Idi Amin. He is also portrayed very softly. He’s a flamboyant, nice egomaniac who doesn’t want to look like he’s mistreating the Jews. He worries what the world thinks of him. Really? The real Idi Amin was nothing like this. He was a brutal dictator, who perpetrated atrocity after atrocity. He tortured and murdered thousands of Ugandans and then fed them to crocodiles. He also beheaded victims and kept their heads in his refrigerator. A devout Muslim, he fled to Saudi Arabia in disgrace, and he died there, reportedly of AIDS. He got off easy. That’s not to mention that the actor who plays Amin in this is no match for the masterful portrayal by Yaphet Kotto in the 1976 TV Movie, “Raid on Entebbe” (starring my fave actor, Charles Bronson). (Kotto, ironically, came from a religious Jewish family.)

The movie ends with a BS on-screen caption, telling us that it’s all Israel’s, the Jews’, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fault that there is no peace with the Palestinians. Huh? The filmmakers clearly don’t want the world to know about the endless series of huge, suicidal, one-sided concessions Israel made to the Palestinians and other Muslims, including several large land giveaways. And look how much peace that got Israel: none. We know why there isn’t peace: because there are still Jews and Westerns in this world. When they all disappear, there still won’t be peace because the Muslims will do what they historically do: kill each other.

Aside from the absolute falsity of this silver screen screed, the movie isn’t entertaining. It’s long, slow, and boring. What could and should have been an exciting movie is a slog and a waste of time.

If you want to see a good depiction of the raid on Entebbe and what happened to the people on the Air France flight, see the movies I recommended on the 35th anniversary of the raid on Entebbe:

There are three terrific movies made about Operation Entebbe, all of which I recommend highly. There is the great “Raid on Entebbe,” starring the late Charles Bronson and many other famous actors, the entire video of which is posted below for your viewing pleasure. And, don’t forget, “Victory at Entebbe [VHS],” starring the late Elizabeth Taylor and many other big names. And, last but not least, there is “Operation Thunderbolt a/k/a Mivtza Yonatan,” starring Klaus Kinski, which is mostly in Hebrew with English subtitles. That one was made by the famous Israeli film producer duo of Menachem Golan and Yoram Globus, who made “The Delta Force,” “Bloodsport,” “Breakin’,” and a gazillion other American movie titles you’d recognize. Sadly, as I’ve noted on this site repeatedly, none of these movies–the two which were made in Hollywood and shown on American broadcast network television and the Israeli movie–would be made today. Hollywood doesn’t have the guts, and Israel makes mostly anti-Israel movies, today. Neither ABC nor NBC, which showed the movies, has the guts, either. They wouldn’t want to offend the Muslims and the Arabs by showing actual, factual history with Jews acting heroically and kicking Muslim and Arab ass. The same goes for all of the big name actors, today. Wimps and PC fools.