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For more than a decade, Wikipedia—the number one online educational resource globally—has allowed anonymous anti-Israel editors to falsely and negatively alter Israel’s factual history in Wikipedia articles pertaining to the Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

A cabal of virulently anti-Israel anonymous editors is responsible for decimating virtually the entire pro-Israel editing community. Volunteer “administrators” (with lifetime positions), responsible for overseeing the editing process of Wikipedia, have not only allowed anti-Israel editors freedom to take over Wikipedia, they have participated by blocking and banning predominantly Jewish and pro-Israel editors.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. One anti-Israel university course can affect 30 students, Wikipedia affects millions. For anyone concerned about the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel, Wikipedia is now the number one global source that actively substantiates the lies and false propaganda being disseminated about Israel.

The Israel Group has been working for many years, under the radar, on a confidential initiative, Wiki-Israel, that combats Wikipedia’s antisemitic bias against Israel. The initiative includes a dedicated website that, among many other things, shows how anti-Israel editors smear Israel—both subtly and overtly—across hundreds of articles, and how the pro-Israel community can stop it. The initiative launches January 2020.

Jack Saltzberg
The Israel Group Founder and President

As part of the initiative being launched, The Israel Group is outing the five worst anti-Israel Wikipedia editors, with some of their true identities revealed, and we’re seeking to gather information about the others. These editors have been active for more than a decade totaling more than 325,000 Wikipedia edits, with the majority targeting Israel. The following is The Israel Group’s list of the Top Five Anti-Israel Editors:

Wikipedia’s Top Five Anti-Israel Editors

Wikipedia's #1 Anti-Israel editor

#1 Zero0000 – Brendan McKay

#1 Anti-Israel Wikipedia editor goes by the username: Zero0000 “Zero.” His real name is Brendan McKay, a math scientist at the Australian National University. McKay is the Godfather, the unofficial leader of the entire cabal of anti-Israel Wikipedia editors. Although he is not the most prolific or skilled editor among them, one thing separates him from the others: he’s a Wikipedia administrator. This means that…MORE

Wikipedia's #2 Anti-Israel Editor

#2 Nishidani – Peter Nicholas Dale

#2 Anti-Israel Wikipedia editor goes by the username Nishadani. His real name is Peter Nicholas Dale, an Australian author born in 1950. (Not to be confused with UC Davis Professor Peter Dale.) While Brendan McKay is the Godfather of the anti-Israel editors, Nicholas Dale is undoubtedly the most prolific and proficient of the bunch. Nicholas Dale…MORE

#3 Nableezy

#3 Anti-Israel Wikipedia editor goes by the username Nableezy. We do not yet have his true identity, although we believe him to be an Egyptian who speaks Arabic and lives or lived in the Chicago area. If Nishidani is the brains, Nableezy is the brawn. Nableezy is to Wikipedia what Hamas terrorists are to the peace process. Among a pack of wolves that doubles as anti-Israel editors, Nableezy is the most vile, dedicated, and ruthless of all. He is more responsible for…MORE

#4 Huldra

#4 Anti-Israel Wikipedia editor goes by the username Huldra. We do not yet have her true identity, yet we believe she is a woman—a minority among Wikipedia editors in general, and extremely rare in the Arab-Israeli topic area. Huldra keeps a relatively low profile while “she” works effortlessly on her dedicated passion that is slowly and dangerously undermining the factual history of Israel on Wikipedia: the false documentation showing that nearly 400 Arab villages were allegedly depopulated by Jews and Israel. Huldra is nearly singularly responsible…MORE

#5 MShabazz – Malik Shabazz

#5 Anti-Israel Wikipedia editor goes by the usernames MShabazz and Malik Shabazz. We do not yet have his true identity. He’s written on Wikipedia that he’s Jewish, but who can believe him/her? That may be a technique used to show that he’s not antisemitic nor anti-Israel. “Shabazz” is obsessed with Malcolm X and everything related to his family. He is a former administrator who has joined the anti-Israel side in every major (and minor) discussion regarding the Arab-Israel conflict. He once wrote: “Outside of a few fringes, all of Jerusalem remains unrecognized as Israel’s capital, as it has for nearly 70 years.” MORE