More than 1800 NDP members gathered in Ottawa this past weekend for their national convention under the leadership of newly elected leader, Jagmeet Singh, to help shape the Party’s future policies. None of the issues were as hotly debated as the Palestine Resolution which rejects the two state solution from NDPs policy platform, in favour of a one state solution and calls for a “right of return” of first generation Palestinian refugees and their approximately five million descendants to Israel.

According to B’nai Brith Canada, the aim of the one-sided resolution is to destroy Israel as a Jewish state.

The resolution also demands an end to the “occupation and settlement program as well as the removal of the blockade of the Hamas ruled Gaza Strip. No mention is ever made of the ongoing Palestinian/Arab terrorism.

It endorses “banning settlement products from Canadian markets and using other forms of diplomatic and economic pressure to end the occupation.”

Fourteen out of 45 foreign policy items up for discussion, had to do with Israel and are either pro Palestinian or unjustly critical of Israel. That includes items “that purport to condemn the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, urge Canada to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state and advocate for a ban on goods produced by Israelis east of the Green Line.”

The resolution at a re prioritization session Friday morning. was voted down by just 11 votes. The heated debate around it revealed clearly a split between the younger members and the party establishment. The Young New Democrats, aged 25 and under, voted unanimously to adopt the Palestine Resolution.

Also of grave concern to Jewish groups was keynote speaker Tamika Mallory, a supporter of Louis Farrakhan, who has blamed the Jews for the slave trade and the 9/11 attack.. She has consistently praised him over the past two years on social media.

Simon Rosenblum a New Democrat and a founder of Canadian Friends of Peace Now told the Globe and Mail, having Mallory as a speaker at the convention is unacceptable. He is also “very concerned” that so many resolutions are supporting the Palestinians and denouncing Israel.

At least 5000 people spurred on by B’nai Brith, protested to party leaders and riding associations prior to the vote. “Any resolution that supports a Palestinian right of return, directly or indirectly, is a call for the destruction of Israel. Any resolution that supports BDS is inherently anti Semitic in nature and punishes Israel unjustly,” B’nai Brith said in a statement.

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