Antisemite of the Week: Adam Elayan – the Jew Hating Wannabe Dentist

Adam Elayan is a terrorist sympathizer and a rabid antisemitic dental student at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Elayan’s dark plans to kill and cremate Jews were recently exposed as part of the medical list comprised of tens of antisemitic medical professionals published by the anti-racism watchdog known as the Canary Mission.

Mr. Elayan has no shame displaying his hatred for Jews. His online posts reveal antisemitic obsessions; he not only repeats horrendous antisemitic tropes but suggests a desire to physically harm Jews.

His violent statements against Jews indicate a pattern of unethical and dangerous behavior. His inability to practice respect for human dignity violates the code of ethics and conduct for medical professionals.

Some examples of Elayan’s posts on Twitter:

“I will f*ckin cremate you Jewish b*tch”


“Tb [throw back] to my plan of running around Jerusalem with scissors to cut the Jews’ sideburn curls off”

Elayan also spreads age-old antisemitic conspiracy theories on social media. For example, he writes about Jewish world domination and Jews controlling the media and financial systems.

This dental student has expressed support for terrorists like plane hijacker Leila Khaled. In one social media post, he wears a t-shirt adorned with an image of the convicted terrorist holding a semiautomatic weapon. 

During Operative Protective Edge in 2014, Elayan claimed that Hamas was not a terrorist organization. He has also alleged that the U.S.-designated terrorist group was orchestrated by Israel.

Adam Elayan’s open hatred of Jews should raise alarm, especially because he is a dentistry student who will provide healthcare services to the public, including Jewish patients. 

His behavior clearly violates Tuft’s Code of Ethics, which requires: 

Professional excellence and integrity in living, learning, and practicing with the highest ethical and clinical standards. 

Respect for each other’s rights, opinions, and beliefs in a diverse, culturally sensitive, and supportive environment.

Jew-hatred has no place in medicine!

We need your help – demandTufts University and its School of Dentistry expel Adam Elayan! Email Medical Dean Nadeem Karimbux here and Tufts President Anthony Monaco here to voice your outrage.