One hundred feet from the finish line at Sunday’s March for Israel, for the first time, a group held a demonstration to inform the marchers about Israel’s legal rights to the land.

“Too few know about Israel’s legal rights and swallow the occupation lie,” says Mark Vandermaas, pictured centre. Vandermaas, a Christian and former UN peacekeeper. A passionate advocate for Israel, he is the founder of Israel Truth Week. Many find him inspiring. “There can be no peace without truth and the truth is that Jews are owners, not occupiers, because they have a land deed from the original two – state solution, embedded in international law and valid to this day. It is the 1922 Mandate for Palestine, in which the world returned their homeland to them and told them to rebuild it everywhere west of the Jordan River.

Vandermaas offers a training program called “Liberating Israel”. “I believe,” he declared, “that every Jewish child should go to bed with the pride and peace of mind of knowing their people are owners, not occupiers of the Land of Israel”.

In an interview he stated that “the world leaders should declare a moratorium on seeking solutions until the world recognized the promises it made to the Jewish people -that Jews own all the land west of the Jordan river”.