A movement to make Jordan the Palestinian state is well on the road, says former Torontonian and driving force behind the idea, Ted Belman. Lawyer, journalist – the popular blog, Israpundit – stunned the audience at Aish Hatorah, Monday night, outlining how this “ultimate” solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict was not only doable but has the support of the US.

The country of Jordan is a fiction, declared Geoffrey Clarfield, noted anthropologist/writer, who has lived and worked in the Middle East for decades. “There is no such thing as the Jordanian people.” In 1920 under international law, it was part of Palestine, the Jewish homeland and under British mandate. They gave it away illegally to a Bedouin tribe, the Hashemites. It constituted 78 percent of Palestine and Jews were banned from living there. “This is the original two state solution,” he said. “Jordan for Arabs and Palestine for the Jews”.

Today, he said, 80 percent of Jordanians self- identify as Palestinian Arabs. The 20 percent minority are Bedouins/Hashemites. Thus it is only fitting that Jordan be the Palestinian State.

For almost a decade Belman has been in close contact with Mudar Zahran, who heads the Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC). Zahran’s parents were born in Jerusalem. They moved to Jordan with their family. He spent time in the US where he got a master’s degree and was later employed by the US, serving in an intelligence capacity at the US embassy in Aman.

Ten years ago, he was forced to flee and seek asylum in Britain where he now lives. While in Britain he continues to develop the JOC and to call for King Abdullah to abdicate. Jordan has tried him in abstention for treason and convicted him.

It is the goal of the JOC to change Jordan from a monarchy to a secular democracy, on friendly terms with Israel and the US. All Palestinians all over the world would be welcome with immediate full citizenship – full rights to pensions, education, social security and health care.

Currently, there are 1.6 million Arabs in Judea and Samaria and 4300,000 in Jerusalem. Israel would offer incentives to Arabs for voluntary emigration to Jordan. Belman explained, “We can give free houses to all Palestinians who immigrate – $40,000 for a house.”

“There are many financial benefits for this plan for Israel, US and Europe. Israel has spent $300 billion on internal security since the Oslo Accord in 1995. She would no longer have to carry that burden….. Both the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA would be disbanded thereby saving the US and the EU close to a $1 billion a year which they currently spend.”

To PA’s Mahmoud Abbas’ despair, a paradigm shift in the Middle East is creating new alliances who are disregarding the open sore of Palestinians in Israel. Their time in the Arab limelight has passed. As the power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensifies, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are drawing closer to co operation with Israel against their common enemies. Relations between the Western world, Israel included, and the Arab countries have never been so open to change as they are today.

The world headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood is in Aman and its parliament is controlled by both MB and ISIS members according to Belman.

Further evidence of new alliances is the Islamic Summit held last week in Istanbul, organized as a response to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt did not attend. Jordan did along with Iran, Turkey and Qatar.

“Mudar has a cabinet ready to roll,” Belman said. President Trump wants KIng Abdullah out and has sent emissaries such as Secretary of State Mike Pompea to meet with Zahar secretly, he told the audience.

He predicts a regime change in Jordan soon, perhaps before August.

“This will solve the Arab/Israel conflict once and for all. It is truly a game-changer. Israel will have sovereignty to the Jordan River and UNRWA will be wound up. It will also herald the end of the Palestinian Authority.”

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