Keep up the pressure – Canada signs The Compact TODAY or TOMORROW – call or write

Should we be concerned with the Global Compact for Migration?

There are many reasons to be concerned but these three articles give a fairly broad based explanation. The first by Salim Mansur is probably most impartial and accurate.

Justin Trudeau’s Canada Embraces a World Without Borders here…by Salim Mansur explaining the pitfalls of the Global Compact for Migration…

Gerald Butts Tries Demonizing Canadians Who Oppose The Dangerous UN Global Migration Compact here…Trudeau and Gerald Butts use criticism to silence anyone who says anything against the Compact

Get ready for a transformation of our migration policy here…The Toronto Sun by Joe Oliver


It’s not too late to make a difference since it won’t be signed right away – let’s keep the heat on – a great many of our members have written short effective letters stating, “Please do not sign the Global Compact on Migration“. Some have used a variation or added one or two more sentences. They have written to the PM and their MP.

It has also been suggested that we write to The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship who helped draft the Compact. How about it? Write to: – “Please make sure that Canada does NOT sign the Global Compact on Migration…”

And tell our Prime Minister NOT to sign the Compact.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

(613) 992-4211

And tell your MP if you have not done so already:

Click here for MP’s email address and phone #.

Enter your Postal Code where it says ‘Find MP’ at the top right. Then click on your MPs photo for contact information like email and phone number.

AND if you have that special courage to make a difference, call their offices and leave a message or tell their secretaries or executive assistants, ‘PLEASE TELL TRUDEAU NOT TO SIGN THE GLOBAL COMPACT ON MIGRATION’.

Do we just stand aside and let it happen?: Justin Trudeau is set to sign the “U.N. Global Compact for Migration” Monday December 10.

19 countries have refused to sign – shouldn’t we tell our Prime Minister that Canada should not be signing either – Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, U.S., Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Dominican Rep, Estonia, Czech Rep, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Korea, Japan.

  • Should Canada cease to have control of her sovereign borders – should our borders be controlled by the United Nations?
  • Should anyone be admitted to our country no matter their values? Shouldn’t they be required to come in legally?
  • What does non-binding mean? Do we really believe those who say that non-binding means that we need not worry?
  • Should the media be instructed to report favourably on the Migrants? Do we not want a free press?
  • Should our Prime Minister not have discussed this in Parliament or with Canadians on such a major decision?

THERE IS STILL TIME. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The vote at the U.N. in Marrakesh, Morocco, is later today or tomorrow, December 10 or 11. Please encourage friends and family to write as well.

Shirley Anne Haber

The Media Action Group

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