Dr. Mordechai Kedar’s visit could not have been timelier. The Middle East world renowned expert’s lecture series coincided with Prime Minister Netanyahu explosive revelation; that Mossad had found incriminating evidence of proof that Iran has been lying to the world and has been actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

With 80,000 militants on six air bases in Syria, “Iran is almost our neighbour, he told audiences at Beth Emeth and Beth Shalom synagogues. “Planes can carry missiles.” Israel considers these bases as a “red line” and has repeatedly said it will fight to prevent Iran’s military buildup inside Syria. At the UN, Danny Damon, Israel’s ambassador, showed the security council aerial photos of an Iranian- run recruitment centre for Shia Muslims.

“Iran,” said Kedar, “is the world’ chief exporter of terror. But Israel tries to be prepared. Until 1995 in the IDF we learned Arabic. Now in Israeli Intelligence they are learning Persian.” Dr.Kedar was a branch head in IDF Intelligence for over 25 years.

He predicts that Iran, like the former Yugolsavia and the Soviet Union will collapse. Like those countries, “they have never been one nation. There are 40 ethnic groups in Iran and they don’t intermarry or mingle. It is a fragmented society and only a dictatorship has held it together.” Furthermore, he added, Iran is a theocratic dictatorship. The vast majority of Iranians are secular and oppose the regime.

Elsewhere in the region, where he says Arab states are “falling apart”, massive changes in attitudes to Israel are happening. Saudi Arabia is making friendly overtures to Israel against their common enemy, Iran. Egypt, who has a huge water problem, is turning to Israeli companies for help, but disguising the Hebrew names.

Several Arab newspapers published articles discussing Israel’s superiority over Arab states according to a MEMRI report released this week.

A former governor of Egypt wrote that Israeli superiority was due to the country’s continuous investment in education, health, science and technology, as well as its democracy.
Jordanian politician and intellectual Rahil Ghorayba named Israel’s ability to prosecute corrupt officials as a source of its success.

Lebanese journalist Abd Al Rahman , wrote that Israel’s superiority was due its political stability.

Even Palestinian writer Suhail Kiawan wrote admiring comments about the Israeli judicial system.

Dr. Kedar, who is in constant touch with the Arab world, through appearances on their television and use social media, said, “Arab kids want visas to come to Israel.”

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, is the Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam, a research associate of the Begin- Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and a lecturer in the Department of Arabic Studies at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He is one of the world’s leading figures in understanding the Arab world.