Of the Jewish organizations B’nai Brith was the only one that reached out.

Facebook is a remarkable platform. I received a private message from a FB friend who sent a link to a perceived threat against a Rabbi in Toronto, Canada. She reached out to me to help the Rabbi. When I asked for more information she told me she lives in America! Sometimes FB is good.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is the leader of Chabad Flamingo synagogue which attracts many young families. He invited a former IDF soldier who is a grandson of Auschwitz’s youngest survivor, Leibel Mangel, to speak.

And the Jew haters came out and they seem to be threatening him and the Jews. Firas Al Nijam. A man who is part of CD4RH. The page has 6000 likes. Canadian defenders of human rights. The Orwellianism of it all.

I contacted Rabbi Kaplan about the “attack.” He told me he contacted York Regional Police and lodged a complaint.

I was visited by seniors YRP (York Region Police) officers who took a full report, and are, thankfully, taking this very seriously. I can’t really speak about the specifics right now; let me just say that, there’s a significant amount of activity regarding enhanced security and other things are being looked at as well.

I asked Rabbi Kaplan about the response from the Jewish organizations.

Sadly, B’nai Brith was the only organization that reached out. Stony silence from the rest. B’nai Brith strongly encouraged Police involvement, and suggested looking at legal options as well.

Rabbi Kaplan is still under attack on social media.

These are vile, ugly and open expressions of anti-Semitsm. A lunatic pushing the envelope can do serious damage to our community. In my opinion, this is not a laughing matter, and ignoring this is unwise, and could, G-d forbid, be at our own peril.

There’s been a huge outpouring of support from private individuals, not only from our community —but really from across the world as my video classes and posts engage a significant international audience. In the short term, I’d say we’ll be stronger and more united as a result of this. The longer term? I’m not so sure… the residual impact is of greater concern to me.

I asked if he was concerned about the safety of his congregation.

I believe that the “Guardian of Israel neither sleeps nor, slumbers. Surely Hashem will shield us, His children,” yet at the same time serious precautions need to be taken and security meaningfully upgraded. I certainly think that the time has come for greater and more robust efforts in that area.

So who is this person intimidating the Rabbi and the greater community?

Firas Al Nijam is a proud Muslim and part of the CD4HR who spends his time attacking Jews for the crime of living in Israel or supporting Israel. No anti-Semite is he!! No! He is an Anti-Zionist. He recently posted a video of himself in a rant against the Jews while standing in from of B’Nai Brith. Click the link.

Of course the Jews have no right to be in Israel-how dare the Jews occupy the Holy Land of Palestine.

But this man, Firas Al Nijam, will not tolerate members of the IDF in Toronto. And certainly not be in his neighborhood. Please note the comparison between IDF soldiers and Wahhabi Muslim scholars that radicalize Muslims to join terrorist organizations. Here is his Facebook Post.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan in #Toronto is recruiting, brainwashing & supporting Canadians to join the #IDF war criminal army. This is the type of Zionist extremist deviant Jewish scholars we have in our local areas. This is a danger to our Canadian society & very similar to the extremist deviant Wahhabi Muslim scholars that radicalize Muslims to join terrorist groups abroad. Israel is a terrorist occupation converted into a regime that commits more organized terrorist attacks then any other government in the Middle East. We call on the Canadian government to take this case very seriously and investigate the Chabad Flamingo center in North York and these type of dangerous activities. As it seems Kaplan is also brainwashing his followers about preparing to take over & demolish holy Muslim/Christian sites in occupied Jerusalem to build the temple of mount. We will be filling reports and spreading awareness especially in this sensitive time where the threats of war are rising between the Palestinian factions and the occupation. CSIS Canada
RCMP Depot Division


CD4HR also posted this alert.

EMERGENCY ALERTS should be broadcasted when a IDF soldier walks in part of Canada. Zionists are a danger to all of Canada’s fabric. They either finance the Zionist regimes economy, lobby to silence any criticism or commit war crimes.

This is not the first time he has attacked Jews.

It seems Mr. Al Najim is politically motivated, as well. He was thrilled to talk to Jagmeet Singh. Jagmeet Singh is the leader of the NDP. And proclaimed his support for BDS. Birds of a feather?

Bless the Rabbi. He will not be silenced. He had a few words to say on Facebook.

Wow! So apparently I’m being targeted, attacked and defamed because I support Israel, and our Shul Centre hosted a former IDF soldier who is a grandson of Auschwitz’s youngest survivor, Leibel Mangel. For the record, I am “unrepentant.”

The sickening moral equivalence being drawn between the Middle East’s only democracy and the most moral army on the planet with brutal theocracies, murderous thug-governments and the world’s most monstrous of terror organizations is actually terrifying. This is open, ugly and outright anti-Semitism at it worst. It will be interesting to see who stands up to be counted and show support…

The Rabbi thanked those who reached out.

More than 24 hours later… hundreds have posted, texted & called. Only ONE organization. TY Bnai Brith for caring AND helping!

Never Again Canada posted about the Al Najim’s comments, as well.

The JDL responded, too.

The level of Jew hatred is reaching epic proportions. Keep in mind, there are 7 billion people on this planet. And 2 billion are Muslim. There are 14 million Jews with 7 million in Israel. There are 193 countries in the world. There are more than 50 Muslim countries with 23 Muslim only Judenrein states, surround the only Jewish state in the world and the only democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.

This man attends Jewish events and intimidates Jewish people. If nothing else, the police must issue a restraining order. No community should be stalked.