TorontoStrong Vigil – Sunday April 29

Dear friends,

I cannot express the depths of my sadness at the tragic incident that shook Willowdale on Monday, April 23rd. Those killed and injured are etched in our thoughts, and our hearts go out to all their loved ones. This monstrous act cut short the lives of people with bright futures and has interrupted the dreams of many others.

We must stand with each other, reaching out to support our fellow Torontonians as we grieve together. That is why I invite you to join in the #TorontoStrong Vigil, happening on Sunday, April 29th at 7 PM at Mel Lastman Square. All are welcome as we gather together to mourn, reflect, and find our collective way forward.

Please feel free to also join us on a walk of healing and solidarity beforehand; the community will be walking from Olive Square and from Albert Standing Park at 5:30 PM, before converging together at Mel Lastman Square for the #TorontoStrong Vigil.

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All my best,

Ali Ehsassi

Member of Parliament, Willowdale