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To reiterate: I am earmarking ten tickets for you and Doris for the CIJR but I need the names, phone numbers and emails of the people coming to send them their tickets. Please read on.

When I speak to committed friends of Israel everywhere I go I hear the same lament, “We are losing our youth. They are not interested in the Holocaust. And, they do not see how Israel is the best protection from a possible future Holocaust against the Jewish people. ” Something that the Iranian government threatens to do on a regular basis. Indeed, even the most well attended pro-Israel events, both official and unofficial, are mostly populated by people over fifty, no; over sixty.

Worse still, because of Marxist academic trends, Jews are now seen by so many young people as “white” and included in the category of “imperialists” while the Arabs of the Holy Land are portrayed as similar to oppressed blacks or first nations. We are not winning this battle for hearts and minds. We need a wider range of heroes to prove to the younger generation that the Jewish cause is just, and that the existence of Israel is just. The Rescue does this and very effectively.

Most Jews, Israelis and friends of the Jewish people do not know that it was a rebel Catholic military officer from the Central American country of El Salvador (Jose Arturo Castellanos Contreras), who saved more Jews from the Holocaust than did the world famous Raul Wallenberg. His story is told by his two Canadian grandchildren, Boris and Alvaro Castellanos who have put together a “live film concerto” about Castellanos’ heroism. They call it “The Rescue” and we are presenting it on November 28 at the BAYIT synagogue here in Toronto. Tickets cost 35 dollars.

We, are the Yazidi Rescue Committee, an initiative of the Canadian Coalition Against Terror and, we work with together with Mirza Ismail of Yazidi Human Rights International and other organizations, to bring attention to the plight of the Yazidi of Syria and Iraq who have experienced genocidal persecution at the hands of ISIS in those two countries. ISIS carried out rapes, enslavement and the massacre of thousands of Yazidi in a manner that mirrors the “Holocaust by Bullets” of the Nazis in the Ukraine during WWII. Mass graves of murdered Yazidi turn up every few weeks in Iraq and 3,000 enslaved Yazidi women are still in captivity. Many Yazidi are now stuck in the new war zone that Turkey opened up in northern Syria, just a few days ago.

For thousands of years the Yazidi lived side by side, in peace with the Jews of northern Iraq and they are strong supporters of Israel.

There are 300 seats at the BAYIT for this event and we want a full house the “night of”. People can go on to the link below and purchase tickets directly OR, they can give a tax deductible donation to the Yazidi Rescue Committee for the value of ten, twenty or thirty tickets. These can be earmarked for specific guests whom we will contact OR, we will give them to students to make sure that young people attend this unique new form of Holocaust education.

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